Sam & Bella

I am a single father of 2 shitzus, Bella and Sam. They are not related, just from the same breeder. They are 8 and 7 years old. Thalita is not their dog walker, she is their nanny. She is amazing, reliable, sweet, and loves my dogs. She walks, feeds, cooks, and babysits for them at her home at times. She has never not been there for me and never says no. I travel frequently and I am always sure that Bella and Sam are in good hands. She texts me with updates and photos. I was once on a trip and got delayed by flights, I called Thalita who came to the rescue to take the dogs overnight. She is a wonderful person. I would highly recommend her.

- Dan N. – Sam and Bella, Shih Tzu


I have been using Thalita and The Greatest Dogs Service for over a year now. Since then, Thalita has become a big asset to my life! She provides dog walking for my “Baby” Mia, but also provides obedience training which was very much needed. Mia has flourished under Thalita’s guidance. I can't say enough about her love for animals and her ability to train them and their owners! I trust her with anytime access to my home and know I can call on her for last minute services in a pinch. She always says YES! Wouldn't use anyone else to care for my dog!

- Kim H. Manhattan, New York – Mia, Mix Breed


Thalita has walking our doggy Buddy regularly (Every day, for almost 4 years. Usually 2x to 3x per day). She uses imagination, creativity, and compassionate kind ways to insure discipline in guiding him to stay in control in keeping with and following the rules of Buddy’s primary trainer.

Thalita is demonstrative and tender, and Buddy reciprocates warmly. She walks different routes in the city and Buddy returns home happy and stimulated. In the course of these walks he is exposed to other dogs and develops socialization skills. As Thalita works she is careful to use the words and motions and only approved treats of his household training. This insures that Buddy is not confused and his training has been reinforced.

Buddy loves her and we do too.

We highly recommend her!

-Freddie, and Myrna G. – Buddy, Tibetan Terrier


Thalita came recommended to me by a good friend. She turned out to be one of the kindest and patient people that I have ever met. She cares for my girl Coco as if she were her own. Extremely well versed in positive reinforcement, she was able to get results with Coco beyond my expectations. She was also able to detect a shift in Coco's health that caused me to have her checked out by the Vet. It turned out to be Lyme and we were able to treat it before it caused any damage.

I recommend her to anyone.

Thank you Thalita!

- Meyer A. – Coco, Cockapoo


As a college student, I didn't have a lot of time to train my puppy, Thalita took care of her and taught her well, teaching her how to obey and behave. She was amazing and reliable.

Thanks, Thalita

- Phasma's Owner - Phasma, Shiba Inu


Thalita is dedicated to ‎her passion for animals, she has been taking care of my dog for a few years now and was particularly when he had back surgery.

I trust her 100%.

I recommended her to many friends ‎and family.

-Geek's owner – Geek, Beagle


For several years Thalita has been the regular dog walker for our eleven-year-old Westie, Rosie. Our family has a very complicated schedule, frequently moving back and forth between Europe and the US, and Thalita has always been able to accommodate our needs. We particularly like the fact that Thalita takes Rosie on private walks as our dog much prefers this to group walks. We wholeheartedly recommend Thalita to any family looking for a reliable and caring walker!

-James R. – Rosie, West Terrier

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